Change a Broke WordPress Theme Using PHPMyAdmin

WordPress and PHPMyAdminSometimes when editing .php files you will make a mistake and end up breaking your theme or sometimes you might upload a theme that is old and out of date or is just too problematic and it needs to be switched back to the twenty ten default theme. Here is an easy way to switch to the twenty ten default theme using PHPMyAdmin.

First– Go into your cPanel and look for the Databases section and click on the phpmyadmin link. PHPMyAdmin cPanel

Second– Select the database where your WordPress is stored.

Third– Select the ‘wp_options’ table from the menu on the left.

wp-options PHPMyAdmin

Forth– Select page 2 from the tables header or footer:

PHPMyAdmin page2

Fifth– Now you’ll need to edit the ‘template’ and ‘stylesheet’ tables and put in the word “twentyten”, or any other theme you want. Press “Go” when you are done.

stylesheet and template tablePHPMyAdmin twentyten theme

5 Responses to Change a Broke WordPress Theme Using PHPMyAdmin

  1. alex says:

    THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Sourabh says:

    hey this is so straight forward n easy way….its done in 10 secs :) m impressed!!

  3. memaakn says:

    Thank you very much. Very straight and easy.

  4. Mike says:

    you’re awesome! thanks for posting this

  5. Guy says:

    Great job! This set of images was just forwarded to a new WordPress owner.